Furniture & Car Trailers

Whether you're moving house, or moving garage - our range of trailers can help with the lot

Our high quality, serviced fleet of enclosed trailers are perfect for keeping your belongings secure on those longer journeys. Whether you're moving long distance, or around the corner - our enclosed trailers come in two convenient sizes. 

Car trailer hire makes transporting cars effortless - from classic show cars, to cars you'd rather people didn't see. Our car transporter trailers come with fixed ramps, a winch, and are also braked to make towing them a breeze.

All of our trailers can be hired with or without a vehicle - one way options are also available across New Zealand. If furniture trailer hire, or car trailer hire is what you're looking for - contact our team for a quote today!

Small Luggage Trailer
  • 4 Cubic Metres
  • Fully lockable
  • Ideal for luggage

Perfect for hauling luggage around the country, our small enclosed trailers are the ideal size for carting a van-full of luggage.

Large Furniture Trailer
  • 12 Cubic Metres
  • Fully Lockable
  • Perfect for transporting furniture

Our large covered trailers are excellent for moving house, whether it's around the corner or around the country - these trailers are fully lockable to keep your possessions safe

Car Transporter
  • 2500kg gross loading
  • Fixed Ramps and Winch
  • Braked
Whether it's a long forgotten project car, or your pride and joy - our car transporter trailers can do it with ease