Special Education School Transport Assistance (SESTA)

Getting children to and from school is a big part of what we do. Cross Country Rentals operates a number of Special Education School Transport Assistance (SESTA) runs on behalf of the Ministry of Education, which help caregivers with students who, because of their special needs, do not have ready access to education at their nearest school, or the nearest school that is able to meet their special education needs. We’re proud to offer SESTA services in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Taranaki and Manawatu.

For our SESTA services we employ experienced caretaker drivers and carry out regular specialised training to guarantee the safety of the children we work with. Our dedicated SESTA operations supervisors liaise with schools, parents, students and drivers to ensure we continue to do the best we can at creating equal opportunities for all children in New Zealand. Contact them directly today by calling 0800 GO SESTA (46 73782).

For eligibility enquiries, please contact your school. For more information about SESTA, visit the Ministry of Education website.